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New Independent NHS Complaints Advocacy Service in Surrey

New Independent NHS Complaints Advocacy Service in Surrey

A new, free local Independent NHS Complaints Advocacy Service, helping individuals to make a complaint about any aspect of their NHS care or treatment, including treatment in a private hospital or care home that is funded by the NHS, is being run in Surrey by Support Empower Advocate Promote (SEAP).

Surrey residents wishing to complain about an NHS service can contact SEAP for help, whether they have concerns about their own NHS healthcare or are acting on behalf of a relative who is unable to complain themselves.

SEAP delivered the former ICAS service for more than 7 years in the county until it was replaced by the new Independent NHS Complaints Advocacy service on 1 April.  Marie Casey, Chief Executive Officer of SEAP, said: "The National Health Service (NHS) works hard to treat everyone properly and promptly. Most people using the NHS are happy with their treatment, but sometimes things can go wrong. Complaining doesn't come easily to most people but complaints are a good way for the NHS
to identify any concerns around patient care and treatment.”

The NHS Complaints Advocacy service will work closely with local Healthwatch, NHS trusts and Surrey County Council.
Contact SEAP on 0300 343 5727, email or visit