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Film launch for Young Carers Awareness Day

We are pleased to launch our new educational film, "People Like Us" on 25th January 2018.

We have the official film launch, with the preview at RADA in London on Young Carers Awareness Day 2018.

‘People like Us’ is a moving, yet humorous, contemporary drama about Young Carers, based on real life experiences about the challenges they face on a day to basis and in their education. It was originally developed as a play by Theatre of Debate and Surrey Young Carers, with the film version now ready to be shared to a new audience.

After the preview the film will be released with resources for use in Surrey schools. At least one in twelve students are looking after someone affected by disability, health problems or addiction. The film aims to raise awareness of the challenges Britain’s 700,000 estimated young carers face on a day to day basis and in their education.

Look out for further information about the release of the resources and film for use in Surrey Schools.