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Codename Carers - a new film from Action for Carers Surrey

‘Codename Carers’ is a new animated film from charity Surrey Young Carers (part of Action for Carers Surrey). It aims to help young carers self-identify and recognise that there is specialised support available for them – as well as make armed forces personnel, schools, professionals and voluntary bodies aware of the existence of young carers in the armed forces environment.

There are currently 6,200 service personnel, 250 reservists and an estimated 42,000 veterans living in Surrey, with a potential 2,865 armed forces children . A number of these children will be caring for family members – usually parents or siblings – although there is no data on the exact figures. But young carers in this community face unique challenges – especially when a parent is on active service.

Our new short animation shows children, and the adults around them, what the life of an armed forces young carer is like. Created in a very engaging and colourful style, Codename Carers depicts some of the many challenges young armed forces carers can face.

These can include: 

• The challenge of moving home (and schools) frequently, and having to start over

• Feeling tired and stressed, worrying about all the responsibilities and extra tasks they have – cooking, cleaning, looking after siblings 

• Being bullied and having no time for themselves

• Being late to school, missing whole days, and falling behind

• Worrying about injuries and potential bereavement 

• Being left as sole carer when a parent is posted away

Codename Carers explains how life can be – but crucially explains that there is support, help and advice out there for all armed forces young carers in Surrey. 

You can view the video here: