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Carers UK are sending a letter to every single MP in the country. Please add your name to support it.



Earlier this year Carers UK launched their We Care. Don't You? campaign following the publication of their Caring & Family Finances Inquiry which showed that, on top of existing financial hardship carers now face £1 billion cuts to their benefits by 2018. This comes on top of cuts to overstretched social care services and rising care charges.

With the General Election less than ten months away, Carers UK wants to send a clear message to the Government and all MP's that enough is enough. To kick off the campaign, they have put together a letter to Parliament from the nations' carers. It will be sent to every MP to show them they cannot ignore carers.

We're asking for as many thousands of carers' signatures by the 10th September 2014. So please click this link to add your voice to this powerful nationwide campaign.