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Carers Rights Day 29th Nov 2013 Are you receiving all you're entitled to?

Carers Rights Day is about getting carers the information and advice they need to claim benefits, access practical support and find out how technology can help take the pressure off. It’s taking place on Friday 29th of November and the theme is ‘rights, advice, support’ focussing on ensuring that carers understand their rights and get access to good quality advice that can support them to care.

The day's primary objectives are:

 - To increase the take up of benefits – it’s estimated that millions of carers’ benefits aren’t claimed each year.

 - Make sure carers know their rights – every year, more than 2 million people become carers, many don’t identify themselves as carers and miss out on support.

To coincide with the day, Carers UK has released a report which examines how financial pressures affect health, wealth, and wellbeing of carers. Using findings from a survey of over 4,000 carers, Carers UK found that almost 47% were being made ill by money worries.

Caring can come at great cost to carers. Many are forced to give up work to care, at the same time as they are faced with the considerable additional costs of disability.

This means that, alongside the personal costs of ill-health, for many families, disability and caring pushes people into debt and hardship.  This report sets out the consequences of these financial pressures on carers' health - as worries about their financial future take their own toll.

Download the report here

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