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'And this is what I will say for any family caring for someone with long-term needs, one team around you.'

Andy_Burnham_MP.jpgAt the Labour Party Annual Conference this morning Shadow Health Secretary Andy Burnham delivered a powerful speech delivering his vision for an integrated Health and Social Care system for the NHS, with carers firmly at its heart. He said:

'I can announce today a big change in the way the NHS supports carers so they can keep going.

No longer invisible but at the very centre of this new service.

So today we announce new support for carers: protected funding for carer’s breaks; the right to ask for an annual health check; help with hospital car parking for carers; and we will go further.

We will give all families the right to care in their home, if they want it.

A national health and care service truly there from cradle to grave - from a new right to have a home-birth and a right to be in your own home at the end of your life, surrounded by the people you love, with your care provided on the NHS and no worry about its cost - starting with those who are terminally ill with the greatest care needs.

These are the things that matter and this is about an NHS there for you at the most important moments in life.

This is what people want and this is what becomes possible with our plan.'

So thank you Andy Burnham. At last. Someone's been listening. Please don't let us down.

Read the full speech here