Pet care during Coronavirus

Pet care during Coronavirus

Help on looking after your pets during Coronavirus, as carers.

Many of us have pets, they provide a lot of comfort. But you may be concerned about looking after them during Coronavirus, especially if you’re isolating or ‘shielding’ at home right now.

Walking your dog

If you need help with walking your pet, try a friend or neighbour, or contact the Surrey Community Helpline on 0300 200 1008. They will put you in touch with approved volunteers in Surrey. Charity The Cinnamon Trust may also be able to help.

There’s further guidance on walking dogs – including when others walk your dog, and reducing the risk of transmission when they pass your dog back to you – on the Canine and Feline group’s website.

Pet care and concerns

There may be other things you’re concerned with about your pet.

A number of pet organisations (such as Cats Protection, Battersea Dogs and the Kennel Club) have got together to produce the helpful document shown below (and also on the Canine and Feline group’s website), which outlines all the key information, and advice on pet care during this difficult time.

The government have a detailed page explaining best practice regarding pets and other animals.

You can also find more helpful guidance on the RSPA’s website.

More information

Some other key information that may be helpful at the moment.

worried woman using laptop

Scam information

Find out how to aviod (and report) some of the common scams which have emerged during the Coronavirus outbreak.

shopping trolley

Shopping information

Find out how the supermarkets in Surrey are supporting carers and vulnerable people during the Coronavirus outbreak.