Fundraising during COVID-19

Fundraising during COVID-19

Like most charities our fundraising has been severely impacted by the coronavirus outbreak but we are still here for carers and with your help we can plan some great support where it's needed.

The 2.6 Challenge

26.2 Challenge Save the UK's Charities

We’re joining charities all over the UK in the 2.6 challenge

Charities across the UK have been affected by the COVID-19 pandemic with many of our fundraising events being postponed or cancelled. We’re inviting you to join us in helping to save the UK’s charities by becoming a Home Hero and taking part in The 2.6 Challenge – a nationwide virtual fundraising event taking place on or around Sunday 26th April!

You don’t have to run a marathon (although you can if you want!), you could do 26 star jumps, run 2.6 miles round your garden, do 26 minutes of yoga, build a 26cm tall lego tower – this is a challenge for all ages and abilities.

Sign up to support us in the 2.6 Challenge

Help us to spread the word and inspire others by sharing your pictures and videos on social media (tag us if you can!) using the official #TwoPointSixChallenge hashtag and please do nominate others!

boy jumping on trampoline

Share your pictures!

We'd love to see the creative way you're joining in with the 2.6 Challenge! Whether youre reading 26 books, walking 2.6 miles in your garden or doing 26 star jumps on your trampoline like Ted here! You can send us your pictures to

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Supporting Action for Carers Surrey in the current crisis

Many planned fundraising events have had to be delayed for now, but you can still support us in other ways.

  • Can you promote our service through your local networks? Carers need us now, more than ever and we’re keen to reach more people, with your help.
  • If you can help us reach out to carers using your community contacts, you’ll be supporting our work in a very special way. Talk to your members, help promote us through social media, or even put up a poster in a local shop or community point – let us know what you need.
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We’re also working on some fundraising ideas and activities which you can do during lockdown as well as participating in the 2.6 challenge…

Other fundraising ideas

Have a look at some of the other ways you can support us...

Join us in The 2.6 Challenge

Do 26 star jumps, run 2.6 miles in your garden, make a 26 cm tall Lego tower - whatever you can do, we need your help!

Join Action for Carers in The 2.6 Challenge