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Emergency help

Sometimes emergencies happen when you, as the Carer, may become unwell or have an accident. It is worth planning for these uncertain times.  There is a Carers Emergency Card which is available in GP Surgeries and many other outlets. This card identifies you as a carer and asks for two contact numbers of people to call in an emergency. You simply carry this card with you, In the event of  becoming unwell or involved in an accident you either give the card to one of the ambulance team or police officer, or they will find it when they look for ID if you are unable to give the card to them yourself. This will alert them to the fact that there is someone else in need of help and will mean that help can more quickly be put in place for the person you care for. 

There is also a free app Jointly which you may download on your phone which you can explain your emergency plan on. The people who you identify to help you in case of emergency can also download the free app so everyone is kept up to date with changes in your emergency plan



If you are often away from the person you care for, or live elsewhere, you may consider using Telecare, a 24-hour service which helps potentially vulnerable people live more independently in their homes. The telecare unit is linked to a care centre by the telephone line and can be activated by either pressing a button on a pendant, which is worn by the cared-for person, or remotely via another telecare sensor, for example, smoke alarms, fall detectors or pill dispensers. Telecare units can be rented for a few pounds a week. For further information about Telecare, call 0800 1956035or if you are deaf or hard of hearing you can text 07976 843825.Further information is available on the