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How volunteering with Action for Carers helped land me a job

Volunteering can be a useful way to gain confidence and new skills, particularly if you have been out of the workplace for many years. For one carer, volunteering with us led to a new job! 

"Getting a job was particularly meaningful to me as I had not worked since giving up my job to care for my son 14 years ago. In my new role I provide administrative support in a secondary school. It fits in well with my caring as it's just 10 hours a week, 40 weeks a year.

I know I would not have got the job without the support of ACS and having been a volunteer. These are some of the reasons why:

  • On the application form I was able to list my voluntary work with ACS under current employment. This wasn’t questioned and neither was my role as a carer
  • The outside training courses I have attended thanks to ACS looked good when I listed them on the application form       
  • ACS provided me with one of the two references I needed
  • I was able to successfully complete a 15 min computer test using Excel, thanks to the Learn Direct computer course ACS provided for me
  • My experience of being part of the ACS interview panel on several occasions helped me to face my interviewers with confidence.           

So I'm proof that voluntary work really does count and being out of paid employment for so long doesn't mean you can't get back in, even in middle age. I'm starting at the bottom but there will be opportunities to work up - if it fits in with the caring.”