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Deciding on a new career after caring takes time

Don’t limit yourself to what you used to do – there are plenty of options out there, says one carer.

"Returning to work after years spent caring is challenging. Employers often feel you've lost touch with fast-moving professional developments and imagine the most intellectually challenging experience you've had has been matching the socks after washing!

So returning to work is paved with difficulties. It's not just how to deal with the jaundiced views of prospective employers it's perhaps the more fundamental question of 'what do I want to do?' The period away from work gives you an opportunity to re-think your career choice and consider options.

I started off thinking I would return to my former career and Action for Carers Surrey was very supportive with job seeking advice. But after a while I realised this wasn't the right path and further conversations with Action for Carers Surrey raised the idea of the PTTLS (Preparing to Teach in The Life Lifelong Learning Sector) qualification. The course was a breath of fresh air and gave me some much needed confidence.  I was still unsure if I really wanted to teach business studies but I did feel the education sector ticked all the right boxes.

So it was back to the career drawing board. After much research I discovered School Business Management and a qualification at the National College for School Leadership. Then, in one of those quite extraordinary coincidences, and without knowing I had applied for the course, Action for Carers rang to say they'd seen a job advertised for a School Business Manager and it appeared to be a good match for my skill set. It was one of those eureka moments when everything comes together.

Returning to work is challenging but the Action for Carers Surrey was there to support me and help me think creatively about career options."