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What you can ask for

Male_office_worker_-_small_for_web.jpgYou can ask your employer to consider any of the following:

  • Flexible starting and finishing times
  • Compressed working hours
  • Annualised working hours
  • Job-sharing or part-time working
  • Home working or tele-working
  • Term-time working

You’ll need to write to your employer asking for the changes you would like and saying why these would help you. You should also show how any proposed changes will fit in with the demands of your company's work patterns. By giving as many details as possible you will be able to build a good business case which should in turn, help your employer to agree. If your employer refuses, you can appeal against the decision. Employers have to consider flexible working requests from all eligible employees. However it is still  worth asking if your company has a specific carers' policy.

Do bear in mind that you can only make one request a year and any adjustments agreed will mean permanent change to your contract of employment. So it’s important to think carefully about any financial or practical implications before making your request.