Your views on Surrey's ENTIRE support for carers

Your views on Surrey's ENTIRE support for carers

Surrey County Council and the NHS in Surrey want YOUR views on services for carers. What works for you? What doesn't? What do you think of Action for Carers' services? What's most important to you? Feedback and have YOUR voice heard.

Surrey Carers Strategy Consultation

The government requires local councils and the NHS to provide services for carers. In Surrey, Surrey County Council and the NHS selected us, Action for Carers, to provide the vast majority of support for carers. (Crossroads providing the carers’ respite service.)

These services are ‘recommissioned’ (agreed and re-arranged) every few years, and this process will happen again soon. So SCC and the NHS want to know what you think of the support and services you receive as carers in Surrey. Your opinions will influence how services are delivered, and who will deliver them – so that includes whether Action for Carers continues to deliver services and support to you.

SCC and NHS are preparing a strategy document outlining the issues around service delivery and also their strategy on how carers should be supported generally in Surrey.

They say: “Health and Social Care work effectively with other providers of services to support carers of all ages in Surrey, ensuring that the voice of carers is centre stage and carers’ wellbeing and identified priorities are at the heart of all decisions.”

The Strategy document outlines some key values: “These values are based on what carers have fed back. They are the things that are most important to enable carers to carry on caring if they so wish. These values will also help maintain balance between caring and a life beyond caring, and to maintain carers’ wellbeing and their choices in their day-to-day schedule and how they manage their caring role.”  They recognise how caring can impact financially, and limit the hours carers can work, and also how caring can impact health and lifestyle, and the importance of carers being able to take advantage of opportunities for training and lifelong learning.

There are 10 strategic priorities in the Strategy:
  1. Provide opportunities for carers to be included and ensure that their voice is central in designing, delivering and evaluating support services.
  2. Commission high quality carer services, including maintaining carers support, carers breaks, carer contingency plans and a Surrey Carers Passport scheme.
  3. Promote diversity and identify and reach more carers of all ages and backgrounds, ensuring that our services and access to these services is representative of our communities and their needs. This will include assisting carers as they may require through various stages and changes during their caring journey.
  4. Support and value carers of all ages and backgrounds, providing services based in preferred locations that carers have identified.
  5. Promote a Carer Friendly Integrated Partnership making use of mechanisms such as the Surrey Carers Prescription.
  6. Improve health and wellbeing of carers using mechanisms such as the carers health check.
  7. Promote Carers Rights and Carers Assessments
  8. Provide accessible information and digital platforms to support carers and develop training resources for professionals.
  9. Focus on supporting working carers.
  10. Promote personalisation and social prescribing for carers.

What do YOU think?

We’d like to hear your feedback on this proposed Strategy, which we will share with SCC and the NHS in Surrey. There are three simple questions below, but you can also email your views to Thank you.