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This is your opportunity to have a voice on local and national issues affecting carers.  If consultations are currently taking place you can follow the links to take part or complete the online form to have your say on any subject concerning carers.

Recent successes

Carers input into SCC’s consultation on bus travel concessions – supported by an official response from Action for Carers Surrey.
The good news is that the companion pass will remain, with a couple of minor amends (such as no travel before 9.30). We’re extremely pleased with this outcome!

Consultations in Surrey

The following consultations are currently active in Surrey.


Health & Wellbeing Strategy for Surrey - Closes 27/03/2019

A new draft Health and Wellbeing Strategy has been developed for Surrey and Surrey County Council want to hear from you...

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Consultation Workshops

New Adult Autism and Learning Disability Service

Surrey County Council is currently developing a new service for adults and have asked to meet and consult with carers about how the service will meet the needs of both the carer and the person with autism and learning disability. Peter Tempest, Assistant Director of Surrey County Council and his new team will be at the event to meet with you.

When: 28th March, 10am - 12pm
Where: The Maybury Centre, Woking

To book your place please call 0303 040 1234.


National consultations

The following consultations are taking place across the UK.


State of Caring Survey 2019 - Closes 24/5/2019

The State of Caring Survey is the UK’s most comprehensive research into the lives and experience of carers. Last year it was completed by over 7000 carers.

Carers UK use the survey to:

  • Campaign for more support for carers and those that you care for
  • Understand how services and support are delivered, and influence the people that commission and design support for carers
  • Gather evidence of the impact of policy changes made by the UK and devolved governments

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Carers Trust - Meet your MP about the Social Care Green Paper

The Government has promised to consult in on a long-term solution to social care funding for older people in England in a Green Paper. If you’re a carer – why not meet your MP and tell them why the Green Paper has to include support for carers?

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