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ACS Complaints Procedure

Action for Carers Surrey is committed to providing a high quality service that responds to carers’ needs within the limitations of our funds. In doing so we need to take account of the views and wishes of those who use the service. Your feedback is important to us as we want to know if our services are effectively meeting carers’ needs.

Who can make a complaint?
Anyone who comes into contact with us or uses our services.

Can I comment, compliment or complain for someone else?
Yes, if they agree to you doing this on their behalf.

Can Children make a complaint?
Yes, a child or young person can do so on their own or with the help of an adult or friend.

How to make a complaint.
You can do so in person, by telephone or in writing. All contact details are on the form below. You may use the help of a friend, relative or advocate. You may prefer a professional who may be working with you to write for you in a way that is acceptable to you.

What to do if you need help in making a complaint.
•    Bring a friend or supporter but remember you may want to discuss personal and private matters.
•    Ask for assistance of a translator/interpreter.
•    Talk to your local Citizens Advice Bureau or a solicitor if your complaint involves a legal matter.
•    Contact your local Councillor or MP – details from your local library
•    Seek the services of an independent advocate.

Making a complaint about the services of Action for Carers (Surrey)

There are 3 stages for making a complaint.

Stage 1. Initial Stage: Please talk about the problem to the member of staff you are in contact with. They will do their best to resolve the matter with you as soon as possible. They may refer to their Manager for further help in resolving your complaint, with your permission. If this doesn’t solve the problem or you feel unable to discuss it with the staff member or their Manager, you may wish to make your complaint more formally.

Stage 2. Formal – You can write to the Complaints Officer of Action for Carers (Surrey) at the address on this leaflet or you may use our feedback form if you wish
Your letter should be marked Private and Confidential.

This will be acknowledged within 7 working days of receipt. Your complaint will be dealt with in strictest confidence, and responded to within 28 calendar days.

If you are not satisfied with this response you can ask the Chairman of Action for Carers (Surrey) to re-consider your complaint. An Appeal Panel will do this.

Stage 3. Appeal Panel – A small Appeal Panel of Trustees of Action for Carers (Surrey), who have not been part of the original complaint, will meet within 28 days of your request to re-consider. Details of this process will be sent to you, if you choose to Appeal.

Please download this Complaint Form, which contains full details on how and where to submit it.



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