Visiting restrictions at Surrey's hospitals

Visiting restrictions at Surrey's hospitals

Sadly hopsitals have had to restrict visiting at this time. See the latest information below.

Hospital visiting restrictions because of Coronavirus

Surrey’s hospitals are now following government guidance and have generally stopped visiting except for a few exceptions, notably for people at the end of life, and babies and children. We’ve put the most recent details below, but also link to the hospital’s own sites where we suggest you go to check the most up-to-date information.

Please remember Action for Carers has Hospital Carer Advisors to help you during this difficult time. They are now all working at home, and can support you by phone with your concerns and queries.


Visiting has been stopped on all adult wards, the adult Emergency Department and across maternity services.

Restricted visiting is allowed in the following areas:

  • Women can be supported by one named birth partner during labour on Labour Ward or in the Abbey Birth Centre. There will be no visiting to Joan Booker Ward and absolutely no children allowed anywhere in the maternity unit.
  • Children on Oak and Ash Wards should be accompanied by one named parent or guardian. They must not move outside of the paediatric wards or around the hospital during their stay.
  • Babies in the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU) can be supported by their main carer (with no symptoms of COVID-19). They must not leave the NICU or postnatal ward or move around the hospital during their stay.

More information on their website.


They are temporarily suspending visiting to all clinical areas, with the exception of a small number of essential visitors only. These are:
  • Where there are exceptional circumstances, such as visiting someone at the end of their life
  • Where parents need to visit babies and children in paediatrics, maternity or our neonatal department.

More information on their website.


To continue to keep our patients and staff safe, we will no longer be allowing visitors to any of our adult inpatient wards. We kindly ask family members to instead keep in touch via telephone or video calls, where possible.

Exceptions to visitor restrictions will be made only in the following circumstances, and only with the consent of the nurse in charge:

  • If a patient is receiving end-of-life care
  • Children under 16 on our inpatient wards – one visitor allowed at a time
  • Women in labour in our maternity unit – one birthing partner allowed.

More information on their website.


Is no longer admitting visitors with the following exceptions:

End of life patients – one visitor
Children under 16 – one parent or carer
Women in labour – one birthing partner

More information on their website.


The public are no longer be able to visit patients in hospital.

A drop off-service to allow family and friends to bring in items for relatives has been put in place and will be available from 26/3/20. There will be a drop off advice line for the county hospital, which will be available 10am-12noon Monday – Saturday. Further advice available from 07979 540102.

Drop offs for patients at the hospital’s community sites will be managed locally.

Exceptions where visitors are still allowed are as follows:

  • If the patient is receiving end-of-life care
  • If the visitor is a birthing partner
  • Visitors are still allowed on paediatrics and neonatal areas but only one parent or appropriate adult is able to be with their child at any given time.

More information on their website.